How to Speed up your WordPress Website with 5 simple steps in 2023

You might have seen this question in many forums with long answers and many thousands of suggestions on how to speed up the WordPress Website. There is a very high chance that you have read through the solutions, and you decided that there is no way to speed up the website unless you hire a WordPress Developer. Well this could be true to some extent if your website was built a few years ago with outdated plugins or themes and you have never updated them since. 

If you have a recently developed website and you think it is taking too long to load the blog posts or your pages, then follow these few simple steps and you will notice an increase in load speed.

The following suggestions require previous knowledge of WordPress Admin Dashboard and Image processing skills.

  1. Analyse the Page speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insight
  1. Reduce image size and numbers on your webpage.
  1. Deactivate and Delete unnecessary plugins
  2. Update WordPress and Plugins
  3. Use few and light weight fonts
  4. Remove embedded maps and iframes

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