Our range of services include website design, development, maintenance and hosting. In addition we provide business automation solutions with enterprise grade* cloud hosted business central with a unified dashboard.

Website Design and Development

With our 10+ years experience in website design and development, you can have your website built earlier than you think. We use latest and trending technologies that are easy to maintain and upgrade as your business grows.

Cloud Hosted Business Analytics

Are you still waiting for your staff to send you daily progress reports via scanned copies that are hard to read? Now it’s time to use real time reporting with advanced analytics with a single dashboard. We use enterprise grade cloud hosted reporting solution for small business with existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Business Automation

Are you still using multiple excel sheets or a whole pile of printed pages with sticky notes to track your assets or projects? Then its time to change to a central cloud based business solution with real time reporting on any assets or task that you want to monitor.

* Enterprise grade cloud hosted solution are available for customers with active Microsoft 365 subscriptions or who are willing to purchase required subscriptions.