In today’s connected world, ensuring your family stays in touch is more important than ever. Apple Watch Family Setup offers a convenient way to keep tabs on your loved ones, providing them with communication, fitness tracking, and safety features right on their wrists.

But you will be wondering its so expensive in Australia when you go with the local network providers to get own sim for the kids. Cheapest options starts from $44/month, Crazzy!!

Luckily there is BetterRoaming to save you. They have 2 plans. $10.99/month or $99/year. This is also listed in Apple’s website under family setup for Australi.

The process is simple and have 7 days free trial too. Simply sign up on their website and copy the SIED of the family member’s watch and paste it during the sign up process. Then on the paired watch from the phone watch app complete the mobile connection.

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