5 Tips for Small Business Automation in Perth

5 Tips for Small Business Automation in Perth

  1. Use Cloud Hosted File Storage with Automatic Sync

With the current internet speed available in Perth, you could switch to fully cloud hosted file storage and backup system instead of having them stored on local computers and servers. In the last 2 years, the pandemic has taught us that the work files needs to accessible 24 hours from anywhere especially when you have a team to collaborate with. The forward thinkers have switched to fully cloud hosted storage systems and took the advantage of 24 hours accessible data. As the number of people of working from home or remotely increased during the pandemic due to lock downs in Perth and also travel restrictions in WA, cloud storage became more beneficial than ever.

  1. Share Files/Documents with co-workers

Most cloud hosted storage systems comes with features such as sharing with others and version controlling. When you have files or documents that you have shared with co-workers they can contribute anytime without physically being in the same office. It’s important to control the access level when sharing files and documents. Sometimes you may want only give read access not the edit or modify access. Your IT department can help with the file or folder permission and manage user access level.

  1. Use an Automated Approval Process

One of the most important aspects of Business Automation is having an Automated Approval Process. Having an automated approval system completely removes the wait time that the staff have to spend on managers approval. This improves the overall efficiency within the organisation. Example scenarios for an automated approval process includes:

  • Purchase Requests
  • Leave Requests
  • Work form home requests
  • Inspections Approvals
  • Travel Expense Approvals

When creating an Automated Approval Process for purchase requests, staff could be assigned with certain limits on purchase then if their request is higher than their limit, the request then can be redirected to their line manager who can approve it. If the request is below their limit then the system can automatically approve the request and send the request to purchasing department to order it from the supplier.

  1. Use an Automated Reporting System

Another important aspect for a business is to have access to realtime reporting on activities and progress on projects. If you are a small or medium size business owner and have multiple manager at different location at different department, getting them at same room for project updates and progress in nearly impossible. However with the new technologies such as online meetings and project reporting softwares, managers can update the progress and report realtime to their senior.

  1. Create an all inclusive business process

When moving to an automated business process, it’s crucial to include all aspects of the business in the process cycle. It should be started from the bottom of organisation and move up to list all all the departments and their functions. Then move to their managers and their seniors etc until the top is reached. This will cover the whole business and direct the automation process to the right department/section.